South Beach clubs

VIP South Beach gets it- you love the clubs but hate the aggravation of trying to get in. That’s why locals and visitors to the area love working with VIP South Beach, and why you’ll find them to be an affordable way to enjoy Miami nightlife without emptying your wallet.

VIP South Beach offers some of the area’s most affordable premium Miami nightclub party packages to the best South Beach nightclubs, hands down. If you’ve ever been to Miami, you know that getting into the top clubs can be a frustrating addition to your otherwise relaxing vacation. The doormen to the best clubs are very selective as to who they let in and lines are always exceptionally long. If you can get in at all, you can expect several hours of wait time.

What if you could get into the South Beach clubs you want to enjoy at an affordable price? With VIP South Beach, their Miami nightclub packages, you will be hosted right into the club like a celebrity. They offer packages designed to fit a wide range of budgets to gain you access to the A-List nightclubs in Miami South Beach, including Liv, Icon, Dream, Club Kod, Story and more.

With a VIP South Beach party package, you will enjoy a two-hour open bar pre-party at a popular lounge followed by a relaxing limo ride to chauffeur you and your guests to one of South Beach’s most amazing nightclubs. Once you arrive, you won’t have to worry about getting in, since you and your friends will be walked right through the crowd into Miami’s top nightclub with absolutely no waiting! You couldn’t expect a better service if you were a celebrity.

Whether you live in the Miami area or are visiting from another location, if you want to fully enjoy the very best of the South Beach clubs and nightlife, a premium nightclub package is the way to go. Tickets are currently priced at :

– $55 for girls
– $85 for guys

Take note that prices are subject to change depending on the club and special events that may be taking place. To reserve your premium nightclub package, just contact VIP South Beach at 305-804-5071. You’ll be required to pay a small deposit, with the balance being due at the open bar.

VIP South Beach can assist you with your entire vacation so you won’t have to worry about a single aspect of your stay. Finding the right restaurant in the sea of exceptional places to dine in is a snap with VIP South Beach. Since the best Miami Beach restaurants are booked to the limit several weeks in advance, it pays to have connections in your corner to ensure that you will be able to get into one of the ultra-hip dining establishments in Miami.

Feel free to visit to see a list of their services and take advantage of VIP entrance into the South Beach clubs you prefer. Contacting VIP South Beach can mean the difference between getting into your club immediately and not getting in at all.

South Beach clubs

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