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Aaron Interviewed by the 9-1-WHAT? Podcast

91WHAT? will give you a view into the life of a first responder from a perspective that a select  few experience. Your host, Demarland Dean, will use his experience as a police officer during 1990s to ask the questions the general public really wants to know.  Buckle up and get ready for a crazy ride. In this Episode, Demarland interviews Cops Direct, Founder and Executive Director, Aaron Negherbon and discusses how this nonprofit organization, he founded, is helping first responders and the communities they serve all across America. Aaron's heart for service is evident and has become a labor of love. Not only do we learn how Cops Direct is helping first responders, but you also learn how YOU can help. Take a few minutes out of your busy day and take a listen

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The 9-1-WHAT? Podcast

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