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< 1 minute

Law Enforcement
Begins Saving Lives

In less than 1 minute a properly equipped law enforcement officer on scene may begin lifesaving practices. ¹

5 minutes

Conceivable Time for a Wounded Victim to Die

Bleeding to death can happen very quickly. If the hemorrhaging is not stopped, a person can bleed to death in just five minutes. And if their injuries are severe, this timeline may be even shorter. ²

15.25 minutes

EMS Average
Arrival Time

The national average number of minutes it takes EMS to arrive on scene and begin lifesaving practices. ³


When you have a life-threatening emergency, you hope that the first responders arriving are equipped with the necessary medical equipment needed to save your life. Every second is vital to your survival. In most cases, police officers will be the first on scene. Unfortunately, some law enforcement agencies are not given the adequate funding to supply our police officers with the medical equipment needed for life saving care. Cops Direct solves that problem. We provide an on-demand supply line for law enforcement agencies in need of first responder medical equipment. At no cost to them, they can save your life.


Cops Direct is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization which supplies law enforcement agencies within the United States with critically needed medical equipment and training.

Acting on your behalf, Cops Direct will interaction with Law Enforcement professionals reinforces their understanding of how much they are supported by those they serve.

Who can receive these emergency medical kits, training and support? Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies, State Troopers, K9 Units, SWAT Team Members and Search & Rescue Teams are all recipients. This support is provided at no expense to the requesting agency or their personnel.

Cops Direct supplies law enforcement agencies within the United States with fully stocked emergency medical kits to handle medical emergencies until appropriate personnel can arrive. Through your support, we provide first-responder emergency medical equipment to ensure the safety of your Officers and those they serve & protect within your community – without cost to them.

Cops Direct advocates for Law Enforcement through public outreach & education regarding the needs and risks associated with their profession. This outreach empowers Americans to let Law Enforcement know that they are needed and supported.


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