Cops Direct

Cops Direct helps supplement Medic kits to departments who might not otherwise have such critically needed equipment

Protecting those who protect us

An officer dies every 2 days in the line of duty

150 law enforcement officers died in 2018

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For those in blue who protect us from this every day, Cops Direct functions as THE non-profit on-demand supply line for law enforcement agencies in need of first responder medical equipment. If they can’t get it…we’ll get it for them!

Cops Direct is a 501c3 not for profit organization supplying law enforcement agencies within the United States with fully stocked emergency medical kits to handle medical emergencies until appropriate personnel can arrive. Agencies such as Police, Sheriff, Troopers, K9, SWAT, First Responders and Search & Rescue are all recipients. This support is provided at no expense to the requesting agency.

Cops Direct support is request based only.  Cops Direct uses a ‘real time’ support model whereby most requests can be delivered to any agency within 3-7 days.  Furthermore, our real time model proves invaluable in the case of a local or regional emergency where critical support can be delivered by the next day. 

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