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Aaron Interviewed by the 9-1-WHAT? Podcast

Podcast Cover for 9-1-What? with two police officers on the cover.

91WHAT? will give you a view into the life of a first responder from a perspective that a select  few experience. Your host, Demarland Dean, will use his experience as a police officer during 1990s to ask the questions the general public really wants to know.  Buckle up and get ready for a crazy ride. […]

Cops Direct Empowering Cops – Off Duty Podcast

The Off Duty Podcast Cover with host Anthony McNeil

“The Off Duty Podcast” is unlike any other law enforcement podcast. It’s fun and informative conversations with retired and active police officers and those who support the profession. In this episode, Aaron Negherbon, Cops Direct Founder and Executive Director, is interviewed by retired police officer and host, Anthony McNeil about how the organization is working […]

KOA Radio Interview

KOA Radio Interview Aaron Negherbon: Hi, it’s Aaron Negherbon, the founder and executive director of Cops Direct. This is a recording of an interview that we did earlier today with KOA Radio out of Denver, Colorado. Marty Lenz is the host and is a great supporter of ours. We’re talking about the Cops Direct donation […]

The Dummy That Saved Your Life

The Dummy That Saved Your Life “Hi. This is Aaron Negherbon, the Founder and Executive Director of Cops Direct. You know, we’ve actually doubled the amount of podcasts that we’ve put out by doing now number two, so we’ve just started this whole podcast thing. Like everyone tells you to do I suppose I’m supposed […]

Introduction To Cops Direct​

Police saving lives support law enforcement

Introduction To Cops Direct “To explain what Cops Direct is all about, and why we do what we do for our law enforcement around the nation, I think you’ve got to go back a few decades to Oakland California, where I was born and raised. Not only did we live there, but my family owned […]